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Hydraulic Pump
Fixed Displacement Pump (PF Series)
- Fixed displacement checkball pumps, with bi-directional shaft
   rotation, provide constant direction of output flow regardless
   of the direction of drive. S.AE. E 2 or 4-bolt pattern with 6.4mm
   pilot engagement.
- PF1300 series pumps are compatible with a varity of water based
   and other low-lubricity fluids.
- PF4200 series pumps are compatible with a wide range of fluids
   including diesel calibration fluid, various military fluids, Skydrol,
   and other phosphate ester fluids, and other low-viscosity or
   low-lubricity fluids.
- PF4300-20 is ATEX compliant and compatible with water-glycol
   and other low-lubricity fluids.
  PF Series
Max pressure 700 Bar ~ 1380 Bar
Max flow 2.59L/min~204.4 L/min
Max speed 1800 ~ 3600 rpm
Mechanical Variable Delivery Pump (PV 4000 Series)
- PV 4000 series check ball pumps supply infinitely variable flow.
- Out put is regulated by mechanically controlled variable inlet
   ports in each piston pumping chamber.
- Non bi-rotational : rotation must be specified, viewed from the
   shaft end.
  PV 4000 Series
Max pressure 420 Bar ~ 590 Bar
Max flow 84.8L/min ~232.4L/min
Max speed 1800 ~ 2400 rpm
Hydraulic Variable Delivery Pump (PV 6000 Series)
- PV 6000 series check ball pumps supply infinitely variable flow.
- Out put is regulated by an exteranl low pressure control signal
   supplied to a control port
  PV 6000 Series
Max pressure 420 ~ 590 Bar
Max flow 54.0L/min~232.4L/min
Max speed 1800~2400 rpm
Split-Flow Pumps
- Multiple outlet hydraulics pumps for Sychronized Cylinder movement.
- The checkball pump design, with isolated pumping chambers,
   allows the output of each piston to be used seperately.
- Supply flow for synchronized movement of cylinders and motors
   without flow dividers.
- Supply independent flows to multiple fuctions in a circuit with
   separate loads.
- Efficiently supply flow in a system with changing flow and
   pressure requirements.
- Greater accuracy than flow dividers.
  PF Series
Max pressure 700 Bar ~ 1040 Bar
Max flow 2.59L/min ~204.4L/min
Max speed 1800~3600 rpm
Electro-Hydraulic Pumps & Motors for Actuate
- PV series pumps with their durable construction, yet simple
   electro-hydraulic design, provide long reliable service life.
- Modulating pumps with accurate output, feature a patented
   design requiring no additional electronic feed-back.
- The rugged design provides dependable operation in adverse
   conditions including extreme heat, dirty enviroments and
   difficult duty cycles.
  PV Series
Max pressure ~280 Bar
Max flow 92.7L/min
Max speed 1800 rpm

- Medium-duty valve plate motors delivery high torque for their
   compact size.
  MF & MV Series
Max pressure 280~560 Bar
Max flow 265L/min~973L/min
Max speed 2000 rpm
- Pump & Mounting Braket Kit

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